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BDS Planning & Urban Design is located in Seattle. Established in 2009, BDS offers comprehensive community development services, with emphasis on projects that require building consensus and unlikely coalitions, communicating complex information, demonstrating leading ideas, and shaping policy. Projects include strategic plans & visions, stakeholder engagement, downtown revitalization plans, facilitation, assessment districts, organizational development, neighborhood and master plans, and public decisions.

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Brian Scott founded BDS in 2009, and has more than 35 years of experience in comprehensive community development. With direct experience in private, nonprofit, and public organizations, he excels at the intersection of multiple sectors, interests, and perspectives. Brian is a widely respected facilitator, public speaker, and project leader with dozens of professional awards and volunteer assignments to his credit. He holds a Ph.D. in Urban Studies from Portland State University. 

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Gabriel Silberblatt has more than eight years of private, non-profit, and public-sector experience pursuing the challenging work of drafting, evaluating, and communicating urban policy and programs. Leading BDS's strategic planning practice, Gabriel has helped facilitate visioning and strategic planning for several municipalities, public agencies, and non-profit organizations that serve diverse populations. Recent projects include strategic plans for the King County Regional E911 System, the cities of Issaquah, Salem, and McMinnville, as well as Valley Communications Center and the Mountaineers. He specializes in managing complicated and controversial organizational and multi-jurisdictional public sector decision-making processes that result in consensus-driven results and new community coalitions. He holds a Master of City Planning Degree from M.I.T.

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Valerie Tran brings nine years of non-profit, academic, and governmental experience to BDS. She works at the intersection of urban planning and public health with the intent to foster environments that are healthy, safe, and livable for all. At BDS, Valerie specializes in planning and community development for urban districts. This work includes organizational development, community engagement, meeting facilitation, research and analysis, and commercial district revitalization. Valerie drives BDS to ground its work in social justice and equity. She holds Masters degrees in Urban Planning and Public Health from the University of Michigan.

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Dan Lokic offers six years of private, non-profit, and public-sector experience. At BDS, Dan supports projects at the intersection of government, business, and citizen interests. His work spans economic development, subarea planning, community engagement, marketing, and strategic planning for cities, counties, and nonprofit organizations. Dan enjoys working on complex planning processes that require multi-organizational collaborative efforts, data-driven decision making and effective communicative design. Dan holds a Masters in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Oregon. 

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Noel has nearly 20 years’ experience in political and public policy efforts, is a former non-profit director and serves as a state legislator. Noel leads the firm’s public policy and community planning practice, requiring dynamic engagement and facilitation of agency staff, stakeholders and community members. Recent projects include the Tacoma Housing Authority Arlington Drive Youth Campus, Hilltop Economic Empowerment through Construction Careers and North Aurora Business District Strategic Plan. Noel holds a master’s degree in Political Management from George Washington University.

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Jin has 20+ years of professional experience working with private companies and government agencies in project research and financial management. At BDS, she supports clients with data and GIS analysis, and BDS with financial reporting, budget modeling and contract management.

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